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Who Should Design my House? One of the most rewarding aspects of self-building a home, is that you get to design every element yourself. But even when you know what you want, sometimes it’s hard to get started. Some projects are very simple and straightforward enough for a resourceful person with basic drawing skills and a good CAD package to tackle the design work. Alternatively, using a different professional – such as architectural technologist, surveyor or engineer – may save unnecessary expense. Part of an architect’s job is to question assumptions made by their clients and come up with solutions that their clients have not considered. This does not mean that they are dismissing your opinions – many superb designs are the result of the designer generating new ideas that had not been considered before or identifying unforeseen problems.

Western Cape | Cape Town

Project Budget: R10000

Delivery Lead-Time: 7 Days

Project Stage: Conception Stage

Home Design - Key Features:

Functional Spaces      Maximising Spaces   Bathroom   Kitchen  

Project By: Interioium

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