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Replacing Old Steel Windows with Aluminium

Every property owner wants to know each fitting in their home is of excellent quality, there is growing popularity of aluminium windows and doors. 

For some property owners the process of replacing steel windows with aluminium windows can be daunting task – think of inconvenience that can take week if not weeks with Demolishing, Plastering, and finishing tasks of Painting or Tiling.

However, do you know there is an option to save yourself from above mention headaches?

This option does not only enhance the look of the inside and outside of a property, but are highly functional too.

This technique involve cutting-off the inner section of steel window, and leave the old steel window outer frame that will act as the main supporting frame for the new aluminium frame.

This simple technique ensures that you save time, money, and less if No Demolishing, No Painting, No Tiling, No Plastering will be required.

Why Choose Aluminium

Resistant to corrosion is #1 consideration – if you’re looking for a low maintenance window, then aluminium is your answer. That’s because when aluminium comes into contact with air, a protective layer of aluminium oxide immediately forms on the surface. This layer is extremely resistant to corrosion from anything the weather can throw at it, including acid rain, and won’t be damaged by cleaning products. And unlike timber or PVC-U frames, aluminium window frames won’t swell, crack, split or warp over the years whatever the weather. Protection from corrosion can be increased even further by anodising or painting (usually by powder coating) the surface.

Whatever the size, scale or style of your project, aluminium windows and doors are a great choice.


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