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The common “Cs” traits of the contractor

Building your home or property investment often means dealing with multiple contractors or service providers. So trust is of paramount important and is something anyone who want to successful lead to project completion need. Trust underpins every relationship in the project management and crew. Trust isn't something that is inherent; it must be forged through consistent action.

While there are many ways to distinguish a trusted contractor or service provider, trusted contractors typically have some common “Cs” traits as follows:

Commitment: A trusted contractor is someone who share’s to the project vision and the team. Trusted contractor perseveres, staying present, engaged, and positive about the project.

Connection: A trustworthy contractor is connected to the project at all times. The contractor can never come off as distant or detached in his project role. Will take some time away from the busy commitments to get to know other project activities in a meaningful way.

Compassion: A trustworthy contractor gets to know the owner or project manager, listens to the concerns, and responds in a meaningful way - each and every time.

Consistency: Consistency is a key for trusted contractor to maintain calm and collected demeanour, even under fire. By maintaining consistent expectations, and reacting in a consistent manner, the contract can deliver quality end products.

Competency: A trusted contractor invests time in getting to know the issues, expands/complement project skills, and participates in continuous learning. Doesn't pretend to be an expert in all things, instead surrounds project team with skilled, knowledgeable crew and relies on their expertise.

Communication: A trusted contractor communicates clearly, concisely, and coherently. Creates clear communication channels that helps to deal with any kind of project challenges that may arises and only effective and efficient clear communication can see project through to its successful completion.


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