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Safe & Friendly Handicap Bathrooms Fixtures at Home

Handicap essential bathroom fixtures at home can make things lot easier for people who have limited mobility to bath or shower safely on their own. It also makes thing easier for family member or person whose assisting an elderly or disabled person.

Here are some of the essential accessories that you should install in a handicap bathroom. 

Toilet Seats: They add a few centimetres to the standard toilet seat height and make it easier sit. Some models are fitted with support arms or rails to allow a disabled person or elderly person to use them effectively.

To provide some support and stability to user a toilet seat a grab bar or handrails can be installed to help an individual to raise and lower himself or herself to use the toileting facilities.

Shower Grab Bars: Some people with limited mobility may find it difficult to stand or change positions while they are taking a shower. But with basic safety grab bars, a shower basic accessory a much needed support and stability can be obtain so a person can maintain a balance while they take a shower.  

Shower Wheelchairs: Some people may not feel comfortable or simple do not enjoy shower seats, therefore a shower wheelchair is ideal tool for them.

Shower wheelchair allows the user to move easily in and out of a wheelchair accessible shower cubical stall.

Shower Seats or Benches: This fixture allows an elderly and disabled person to sit comfortably while taking a shower. Highly recommend Shower seat are those one with Quality Stainless Steel, resistant to rust and smooth round edges, and adjustable. 

Shower seats that can be easily folded when not in use are also available, this can be very handy when traveling or for space saving.

Bathtub Lifts: Getting in and out of the bathtub can be a challenge for people with limited mobility. Bathtub Lift can make the bathing more independent, easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. This bathroom accessory can usually be used in most bathtubs. 

Handicap Shower Ramps: Some people with disabilities require the use of their wheelchair even while taking a bath. To make this possible, a shower ramp access is needed to easily lift the person on a wheelchair in and out of the shower cubical.

Specialized Shower Head: Another shower accessory that makes life easier is hand-held shower head because it’s easy to use and control compared to a nozzle that is fastened overhead. When installing this accessory ensure that user will be able to reach for hand shower with less effort e.g. the height must be too low or too high for user.

Highly recommended is adjustable height hand shower that will allow a handicapped person to use the shower without any assistance, it needs to give the user more control and maneuverability in the shower cubical.

Heavy Duty Shower Curtain: Some heavy duty curtains are also resistant to bacteria and germs, thus making the handicap shower more sanitary.

A heavy duty shower curtain can provide better protection to people with limited mobility while using the shower, tis fireproof and has anti-electrostatic properties to prevent electrical shock if and when electrical devices are used in the shower.

This were merely some of essential handicap bathroom accessories available, there are many more accessories in market. For this subject in our platform will limit it to above discussed accessories.


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